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Your Trusted Custom Parts Manufacturer for Various Sectors

With capabilities spanning CNC machining, assembly, soldering, brazing, engineering support, and cleaning, we’re a top custom parts manufacturer for multiple industries. Since 1978, our talented staff of experienced engineers, CNC machinists, and assemblers has been providing high-quality metal parts to the medical, aerospace, energy, defense, and firefighting industries.

As an ISO 13485 and ISO 9001:2015 certified shop, we take pride in producing the best metal parts at the tightest tolerances. The State of Wisconsin has acknowledged our commitment to quality by recognizing us as a Certified Precision Machine shop. Our employee-owned structure ensures all of our workers feel a sense of pride and responsibility for each part we make, resulting in a better end-product.

If you’re looking for a trusted custom parts manufacturer to streamline your manufacturing needs, we’d love to help. Learn more about the industries we serve below, and contact us to discuss your unique needs and production goals

Aerospace and Defense

With safety on the line, you need parts you can trust. Learn about our aerospace and defense capabilities here.

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Aztalan Engineering


High-quality machined parts are imperative to ensuring the safety of your consumers and your business. We can help you with a range of automotive CNC machining projects.

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Aztalan Automotive


Avoid downtime at your mining site with durable parts made to the highest quality standards.

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Aztalan Electronics


Your firearm parts must be made to exact specifications to ensure customer safety and product reliability. Our experienced workforce can help you meet these needs.

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Aztalan Firearms


With a commitment to quality and tight tolerances, you can trust us with your high-precision parts.

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Aztalan Medical


Avoid downtime at your mining site with durable parts made to the highest quality standards.

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Aztalan Mining

Oil and Gas

We know parts in the oil and gas industry must withstand extreme environmental conditions. Our commitment to quality ensures your metal components will be reliable in the field.

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Aztalan Oil & Gas


We can make your custom robot parts with tight tolerances to ensure accuracy and durability.

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Aztalan Robotics




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