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Components produced for the medical industry must be clean and have tight tolerances. As such, a quality production partner will subscribe to stringent quality and safety standards.

Because our parts are found in equipment for general anesthesia, drug delivery, cancer treatment, and implantable parts, we hold ourselves to the highest production standards. Our ISO 13485 and ISO 9001:2015 certifications demonstrate our commitment to a stringent quality management system.

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Medical CNC Machining, Assembly, Soldering, Brazing, Cleaning, and Engineering Support

Our high production standards and tight tolerances make our products suitable for a wide range of medical instruments and equipment. Our talented staff of experienced engineers, CNC machinists, and assemblers can fulfill even the most complex designs.

Aztalan Engineering



CNC Machining

We offer a variety of CNC machining capabilities including turning, milling and Swiss turning. With some of the best equipment in the industry, we can quickly turn around high-quality parts for your unique needs.



With our robust CNC assembly services, we’re able to complete projects from prototype to finished product. We also utilize CMM quality control services for precise measurements to ensure the final product meets your specifications.


Soldering and Brazing

We specialize in joining brass and stainless steel, and can work with other materials as needed.



Medical CNC machining requires special attention to the cleaning process, and we pride ourselves on cleaning them to the highest standards. Our ultrasonic cleaning process makes sure metal parts are primed and ready for use or assembly.


Engineering Support

While we do not design parts, we have on-staff manufacturing engineers to provide support services and collaborate with your design teams to get your product to market faster.







Trust Aztalan with Your Medical CNC Machining, Assembly, Soldering, Brazing, Cleaning, and Engineering Support

At Aztalan we pride ourselves on producing quality metal components and equipment for our customers. The State of Wisconsin has recognized our commitment to quality by designating us as a Certified Precision Machine Shop.

If you’re looking for a trusted partner to deliver high-performance parts with tight tolerances, contact us for a quote today.

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