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CMM Quality Control & Inspections

CNC Machining Quality Control

Many people view quality control as an elaborate system of inspection to the domain of a few specialists. This is not the case at Aztalan. Every employee is involved in quality control at Aztalan. This philosophy combined with process control, trained personnel, and a comprehensive Quality Management System is what makes Aztalan a QUALITY company. We are certified to the ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 13485 Quality Standards.


CMM Part Inspection Services

Our vast experience utilizing CMM (coordinate-measuring machine) technology allows us to give you consistent precision readings every time. Aztalan is trusted nationwide for providing precise metrology solutions paired with our CNC manufacturing capabilities. Our CMM metrology services uncover flaws in location and accuracy on difficult to reach part dimensions. The fragility of small machined parts makes them more susceptible to damage. To combat this, Aztalan uses non-contact CMM technology to get accurate readings of even the most minute parts. 



  • FMEA
  • PPAP
  • Process Validation
  • R&R
  • Capabilities Studies


  • Leak Testing
  • Torque Testing


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