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What is CNC Swiss Machining?

Swiss turning is a process in manufacturing where metal shaping tools work a piece of metal while it is rotated at an accelerated rate (thus, the name “turning”). The many benefits of Swiss machining has led to consistent ultra-precision on small, complex parts, especially for larger lot sizes. The ability for complex parts to be manufactured on a larger scale for rapid growth in a variety of industries, most notably medical.

Benefits of Swiss Machining

Machining Smaller, more Complex Parts

While older machines are also capable of machining parts with tight tolerance specifications, they take more time and have limited capabilities leading to longer run times and less consistency from product to product. The ultra-precise, multi-axis capabilities of CNC Swiss lathes has opened doors for the mass production of complex parts for societies cornerstone industries. For instance, Aztalan proudly offers Swiss machining services to the medical industry for life-saving oncology instruments with micron tolerances. 

Shorter Run Times

The ability of of Swiss lathes to move the workpiece around the tool for one step completion is further enhanced by its reduced cycle times. Swiss lathe software quickens up the process configuration due to its part run simulation capabilites. This allows for easier setup and makes corrections more obvious to spot. Shorter run times for more complex parts gives your product greater availability. 

Higher Potential for Single Process Machining w/ Main & Subspindles 

Swiss lathes can have as many as 28 tools or more mounted allowing for greater range and versatility to be utilized in a single machining process. 

Lights Out Machining

Swiss lathes can operate unmanned, allowing for lights out machining to cut the run times for larger outputs. 

All the advantages of Swiss machining mean nothing if the Swiss lathe is not operated by experienced, talented technicians. Aztalan employs the finest CNC machine technicians and engineers to guarantee that best possible end product for our clients.

Swiss-Type Automatic CNC Lathes


  • IEMCA IDEAL 325 Barfeeder
  • Barfeed Dia Capacity - 3mm-20mm
  • Axes - 2


  • 21 Tools
  • LNS TRYTON Barfeeder
  • Barfeed Dia Capacity - 3mm-12mm
  • Max Machining Length - 45mm
  • Max Drilling Diameter - 7mm - M6X1mm
  • Max Spindle Chucking - 12mm
  • Max Cross Drill Diameter - 6mm
  • Max Cross tap Diameter - m5x8mm
  • Axes - 7


  • 24 Tools
    • IEMCA Mini Boss 332-E Barfeeder
    • Barfeed Dia Capacity - 3mm-32mm
    • Axes - 6


    • IEMCA IDEAL 325 Barfeeder
    • Barfeed Dia Capacity - 3mm-20mm
    • Max Machining Length - 210mm
    • Max Drilling Diameter - 10mm - M8x8mm
    • Max Spindle Chucking - 20mm
    • Max Cross Drill Diameter - 8mm
    • Max Cross tap Diameter - m6x8mm
    • Axes - 6

Wisconsin Swiss Lathe Manufacturer Located in Lake Mills, WI

we can service our customer’s needs locally or across the nation. Our CNC Swiss turning lathes also enable many operations to work in tandem with each other so both ends of the part can be completed in one process. The inside and outside can be done, holes can be drilled, interpolation with live tools can be performed, “Y-axis” milling such as thread milling, flats, and more can all be performed in one setup and on one single machine. This single setup process made possible by our lathes adding speed and efficiency to the CNC process.

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