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Highest Quality CNC Turning, Milling, and Swiss Turning

Our state-of-the-art CNC machines have the capability to produce a vast array of metal and plastic precision parts. Whether you need a prototype or a production run, we have the machines and knowledge to make any part you need. CNC milling uses a precision 5-axis system to quickly and accurately produce a wide variety of parts. CNC turning uses up to 7-axis machines which removes material from a spinning rod. Swiss turning CNC is similar to regular turning with the added benefit of being able to slide the rod in and out of the cutting area which allows fast manufacturing of small precision parts. Whatever your CNC services you need, Aztalan Manufacturing in Lake Mills, WI has you covered.

Assembly, Cleaning, & Soldering

Our clients often order multi-part CNC-produced parts which require assembly. Once your parts are produced, our experienced technicians can clean and assemble your parts to exact specifications. The advanced ultrasonic cleaning process uses de-ionized water and high-frequency sound waves to clean the parts without corroding your parts. If your parts need to be joined by soldering or brazing, we can join brass and stainless steel: brass to brass, stainless to stainless, or brass to stainless. Contact us to see how we can build and complete your parts from start to finish, which can save you time and money.

Design & Plan Your Product with Help from Our Engineers

Aztalan’s manufacturing engineers can assist you in research, design, and prototyping. Our skilled technicians use production equipment to quickly deliver prototype parts to you. Through research and design, we can optimize your products by using material tests, quality control checks, and design reports. Our extensive knowledge of a variety of materials gives us the ability to assist you in picking the optimal material for your parts. We use a large variety of metals in our CNC services, including steel, aluminum, brass, copper, more metals, and a variety of plastics and composites. If you want help developing your products and choosing the right materials, you can rely on our engineers.

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