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Wisconsin CNC Services

Wisconsin CNC Services

Comprehensive CNC Capabilities

A Certified Precision Machine Shop, Aztalan provides complete, meticulous CNC services worldwide. Located in Lake Mills, we love serving companies right here in Wisconsin. Our engineers, machinists and designers maintain the highest level of operation from prototype to final product. Aztalan is dedicated to solving any manufacturing problem you may face, whether it’s design, delivery, quality or part cleaning, come see what we can do. Our machined parts are found in crucial industries such as medical, military and aerospace. The optimization of parts, materials and design work keeps us efficient and keeps costs low for our clients. Contact us today with your CNC needs!

Wisconsin industrial companies require first-rate engineering, milling and cleaning services. Choose Aztalan for intense attention to detail and unwavering commitment to best practice machining.

Wisconsin CNC machining services

Aztalan’s CNC capabilities include:


Aztalan CNC milling machines reduce part cycle times and quickly remove material without compromising accuracy. Our machines reach maximum vibration damping and limit friction, allowing for increasingly closer tolerances.


14 CNC lathes are available for any size project. Aztalan provides both vertical and horizontal CNC turning services for machine parts in Wisconsin. Single and twin spindles with varying axis strengths are used for wide, heavy pieces, as well as small, fragile parts.

Swiss Turning

Aztalan Swiss lathes make parts for medical products, defense products, aerospace machines, watch parts and other electronics in and out of Wisconsin. Lights out machining means shorter run times for complex parts. CNC Swiss turning at Aztalan regularly contributes to medical device production, including life-saving oncology instruments.

Soldering & Brazing

Comprehensive CNC machining includes soldering and brazing services. We can join brass to brass, brass to stainless steel, stainless steel to stainless steel & more for your Wisconsin business. Contact us for a full list of material capabilities.

Engineering Support

Licensed mechanical and manufacturing engineers work here in Wisconsin with design teams throughout product development. Use our equipment, software and technicians to get your parts done and delivered fast. Material machinability tests, quality control checks and machinability design reports boost productivity.

Ultrasonic Cleaning

Ultrasonic cleaning is most effective for metal parts with ultrasonic units. The microscopic scale enables cleaning in spots generally missed by other techniques. Ultrasonic cleaning is ideal for hard-to-remove, stuck-on particles.


Assembly abilities may be limited at your Wisconsin facility. For those without the means or motivation to assemble their CNC machined parts, Aztalan offers our equipment and team.

CMM Quality Control

Using CMM (coordinate-measuring machine) technology unfailingly delivers precision readings. All employees are responsible for maintaining our quality control standards at every step of development and production. Non-contact CMM technology is used to protect the fragility of small machined parts while still receiving accurate measurements.

Wisconsin medical parts manufacturers

Aztalan Medical Device Development

We’re proud to serve the medical industry in Wisconsin and see our work directly impact people’s lives. Aztalan participates in the development of:

  • Oncology instruments
  • Anesthetic devices
  • Respirators
  • Sonograms
  • Hydraulics
  • Manifolds
  • Semi-conductors
  • Flow control valves

Our state-of-the-art facility is home to top-of-the-line engineers, technicians and designers ready to take on any project. View our gallery of product samples.


Madison, Wisconsin

We provide dedicated CNC machining services to the Madison, Wisconsin area. Learn more here.


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cnc machining Madison, Wisconsin



Wisconsin medical parts manufacturers

Appleton, Wisconsin

Aztalan delivers local employee-owned excellence and premium manufacturing services to Appleton, Wisconsin.


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Kenosha, Wisconsin

Aztalan’s expert engineers are here to serve Kenosha, Wisconsin businesses with advanced technology, efficient and accurate practices, and extensive capabilities.


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cnc machining Madison, Wisconsin


Wisconsin medical parts manufacturers

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

For premium CNC machining, expert engineering aid, and comprehensive capabilities, choose Aztalan for your Milwaukee machined part needs.


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Green Bay, Wisconsin

Aztalan supports businesses in need in Green Bay, Wisconsin with high-quality CNC machined parts and prototypes manufactured to your precise requirements within your timeline and budget.


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CNC machining green bay wi


Aztalan CNC Manufacturing Portfolio
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View samples and projects we’ve completed for a variety of industries for clients all over North America:


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