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Minnesota Machining and CNC Services

Minnesota Machining and CNC Services

Aztalan Milling, Turning, Soldering & Parts Cleaning

As an employee-owned manufacturing company based in Lake Mills, WI, Aztalan shares the Midwest values of Minnesotan industrial companies. Our precision machining delivers products and parts matching clients’ exact specifications. We’re proud to offer exceptional engineering, milling and cleaning services across North America and the world. End your search for top-quality machining professionals and contact Aztalan today!

Minnesota businesses deserve the best and we intend to deliver it with our engineering, milling and cleaning services.

Minnesota CNC machining services

Our quality CNC machining and manufacturing capabilities:


Aztalan provides CNC milling services for Minnesota with top-of-the-line machines operated by meticulous technicians. By achieving maximum vibration damping, we virtually eliminate friction, allowing for increasingly closer tolerances.


We have 14 CNC lathes for any size project. Both vertical and horizontal CNC turning services are available for Minnesota machine parts. Single and twin spindles with varying axis strengths are used for wide, heavy pieces, as well as small, fragile parts.

Swiss Turning

Swiss turning is best put to use for complex parts. Aztalan’s Swiss lathe technicians and lights-out machining enable shorter run times and increased efficiency. Many medical devices in Minnesota, including life-saving oncology instruments, are made possible by Aztalan CNC Swiss turning.

Soldering & Brazing

Minnesota businesses benefit from our extensive collection of soldering and brazing equipment. We join brass to brass, brass to stainless steel, stainless steel to stainless steel & more.

Ultrasonic Cleaning

Ultrasonic cleaning finishes metal parts using micron-sized bubbles formed by sound waves which eventually burst near the surface they intend to clean. The scale of ultrasonic cleaning allows us to reach hard to remove particles and spots other techniques miss.


Assembly abilities can be limited at your facility. For those without the means to put together their CNC machined parts, Aztalan offers our machinery and experts.

CMM Quality Control

Using CMM (coordinate-measuring machine) technology unfailingly delivers careful readings. All employees are responsible for maintaining our standards, at every step of development and production. We also utilize non-contact CMM technology to protect the fragility of small machined parts while still receiving accurate measurements.

Minnesota medical parts manufacturer

Aztalan’s impact on Minnesota’s Medical Industry

Aztalan works with many medical manufacturers in Minnesota. We provide CNC machining, CMM quality control, and precision cleaning and assembly services. Some of the products we have manufactured for Minnesota clients include:

  • Oncology instruments
  • Anesthetic devices
  • Respirators
  • Sonograms
  • Hydraulics
  • Manifolds
  • Semi-conductors
  • Flow control valves
For more information on our CNC capabilities, visit our project gallery.
Aztalan CNC Manufacturing Portfolio
Our Work Speaks for Itself
View samples and projects we’ve completed for a variety of industries for clients all over North America:


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