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What are CNC Turning Services?

At Aztalan Engineering, we offer a variety of precision-machining services including CNC turning services.

Before choosing what type of services your company is looking for, it may be of some help to read about the CNC Turning process, and the variety of products it helps produce.

CNC Defined

CNC stands for “Computer Numerical Control”. CNC is what is responsible for the automation of machine tools. Prior to CNC machinery, most machining work was done by hand.

Tools that can be used in the CNC process includes lathes, drill presses, and screw machines. At Aztalan Engineering, we have been using these materials in our precision machining services in the global medical, aerospace, defense, and energy markets for more than 30 years.

CNC Turning, and CNC Milling, machinery gives us the ability to enhance production, with the addition of patterns and details to our metal components. This would not be possible by operator handling.

CNC Turning Services

CNC turning uses a single-point cutting tool. The metal being worked with is rotated at different speeds to produce an end result of cylindrical cuts to the desired customer specs.

CNC turning machinery is capable of cutting the outside of the material, as well as the inside of the material. It is a completely automated process, that can produce more precise results at a quicker rate than turning the lathe by hand. In short, CNC turning can be used to create products with round, or tubular, shapes.

CNC Turning Machinery

Our company currently has 14 CNC lathes, with various capabilities. Our experienced craftsmen are ready to assist customers in producing state-of-the-art machine parts. In addition to CNC turning services, we also provide CNC Swiss turning, and CNC milling services.

Current machinery includes the Twin Spindle CNC Turning and Single Spindle CNC Turning. We use 8 Okuma Twin Spindle Lathes, that can provide up to full 7-axis power. Our LFS 10 works extremely well for high volume parts. In addition, our Hardinge Conquest single-spindle lathes provides precision turning with live tooling, and C-axis. All of these help produce greater reliability, speed, and accuracy.

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