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Precision Machining Gas Valves and Pump Components

The oil and gas industry uses specialized equipment fluid handling systems to deliver natural resources to market. They are often stored and moved under extreme pressure and temperatures during extraction, distribution, and refining. In addition, chemicals used in these processes can be corrosive and hazardous to handle. Because of this, components, such as gas valves and those used in pumps, must be built to strict specifications and standards to ensure safety and quality.

Centrifugal, reciprocating plunger, progressive cavity, gear, diaphragm, peristaltic and metering pumps are all used for fluid transfer in the oil and gas industry. While all move fluids and work a bit differently, all require components that withstand whatever harsh environments they are subjected to. Precision machined components ensure less wear on moving parts and less maintenance and downtime.

Gas valves are also vital components for fluid handling. Like pumps, several valve types (control, ball, globe, check valves) are used in the oil and gas industry that have critical functions, such as controlling the flow rate, pressure, and temperature or preventing reverse flow that could damage pumps and equipment. Because valves control the flow and pressure of fluid/gas within systems, valve failure could have catastrophic results, including production and equipment loss and health, safety, and environmental issues.

Precision components are required to ensure pumps and valves can regulate pressure and flow accurately. Machining components capable of sustaining loads and containing fluids in hazardous environments takes skill and knowledge. Even slight variations in shape or size can cause performance issues or lead to complete failure. Having your components machined by a partner that can ensure part accuracy and hold the tolerance you need is paramount for the longevity of the pump or valve.

Aztalan is a Strategic Partner For Precision Machining

Through CNC Swiss turning, CNC turning, and CNC Milling, we can produce precision parts for all areas of the oil and gas industry. We have the skills and experience to meet your most demanding challenges head-on while helping you overcome cost concerns, design issues, and long lead times.

The oil and gas industry is seeing high demand, but prices are volatile, so reducing costs throughout the supply chain is necessary. We are doing our part to help by bringing cost reductions through collaborative engineering design reviews and process efficiency. Through a design for manufacturability (DFM) review, we will evaluate the part to ensure the materials and design are the most cost-effective while ensuring the components can withstand the rigors they will face during use. Our streamlined production, using robotics, ensures efficiency is maximized and errors are minimized.

To maximize your uptime, we offer just-time delivery. Through our vendor-managed inventory (VMI) program, we can keep parts in stock and ship them when you need them. In addition, our controlled, validated work processes have the built-in flexibility to quickly change our schedules to synchronize with yours should it change.

Do you have valve and pump components with complex geometries and critical tolerances? We are positioned to take on your challenges and deliver on time and to spec. Contact us to get started on your next project.

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