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Onsite Assembly and Cleaning Offers Valuable Benefits

Some manufacturing customers will outsource their machined components to a machine shop and then have their own engineers clean and put together subassemblies. However, it is much more efficient to have your precision CNC partner handle the assembly and cleaning of your parts. 

In-House Assembly

For large or small runs, from prototypes to finished projects, Aztalan will meet your precise assembly requirements. Given the state of the current labor force, we understand that not everyone has the resources or the inclination to assemble their machined parts, so we are happy to do it for you. This frees your essential resources to focus on your core business. 

We have support staffing from manufacturing engineers to assembly technicians that can help fulfill all your assembly needs. With dedicated work benches, a multitude of assembly tools, and testing and auxiliary equipment, we are ready to take on basic to the most complex assemblies.

Cleaning Your Parts and Assemblies

Machining processes like CNC milling and turning can leave trace contaminants behind on the parts. It is inevitable that there will be some cutting fluids residue, swarf (fine metal particles), or polishing paste left behind on the part, which can create problems for some subsequent processes or may impact the functionality or lifespan of the part. In these cases, thorough cleaning of the parts is critical. 

Our cleaning options range from removing standard oil to meeting high-level cleanliness specifications for a multitude of different industries like medical and aerospace. We clean parts with solvents in our vapor degreaser unit or our clean room equipped with a LEWIS cleaning system that uses medical industry-approved detergents and an ultrasonic cleaning process. 

Ultrasonic cleaning is a highly effective method that safely cleans various metals using high-frequency sound waves to agitate the cleaning solution. Parts get deep cleaned even in the tiniest crevices, and ultrasonic cleaning leaves behind no residue. 

Meet Stringent Cleaning Requirements

Some customers have stringent cleanliness demands beyond surface cleaning because of the nature of the product. In these cases, a tightly controlled clean room environment with low particulate levels from dust, airborne microbes, and chemical vapors can be used when cleaning, assembling, and packing parts. 

Not only does a clean room environment control particulate contamination other environmental parameters such as temperature, humidity, and pressure are also controlled.  

Cleanrooms are classified according to the cleanliness level or, more specifically, the number of particles permitted per volume of air inside the controlled environment. The requirements for cleanroom classification are set by International Organization for Standardization (ISO) in its standard ISO 14644-1 Cleanrooms and associated controlled environments. Clean rooms under the standard are classified as ISO 1 through ISO 9, with ISO 1 allowing the fewest particles and being the cleanest. 

At Aztalan, we have an ISO 8, class 10,000 clean room, which is one of the most common clean rooms. It uses a high-efficiency HEPA filtration system to remove air particles 0.3 micros and over. We can test your parts in the clean room for verification and provide or retain the related documentation. Testing available includes the following. 

Five Reasons to Use Aztalan for Assembly and Cleaning

Although it may be possible for you to perform these tasks at your own facility or send them to another facility to be completed, it makes sense to trust Aztalan with your assembly and cleaning needs. Here are five benefits that you will see.  

Cost Savings

There are significant costs involved with setting up an assembly and cleaning area. These can include capital expenditures to build a clean room, buying equipment and tools, and hiring and training staff. If you typically send these out to a separate vendor, having Aztalan handle CNC machining through packaging reduces the number of purchase orders, streamlines billing, and consolidates costs. 

Time Savings

Since our specialties are precision machining, assembly, and cleaning, you can use the time saved to focus on product design and business development. 

Ensure Fit

If you have ever received mating parts, built to print, that don’t mate properly, you understand what a hassle it is. When we assemble your parts, it gives our engineers an opportunity to ensure that parts mate properly. We can work with you to ensure the issue is fixed before more product is machined. While our engineers don’t design parts from the initial concept, we can work with you to ensure your parts fit like they are supposed to. 

Optimize Parts

Our engineers can work with you to ensure that your parts are not over-engineered. Building in tolerances tighter than needed can add unnecessary costs. This is something we may uncover during assembly. 

Inventory Management

Lessen the burden of inventory management when we machine, clean, and assemble your parts. You won’t have to have stock of parts and hardware at different stages in the process. We can ship you completed parts, saving you time and money. 

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