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Medical Device Prototyping to Ensure the Accuracy of Life-Saving Devices

Medical device prototyping is a process that is crucial to medical device development and helps to ensure quality and proper function of a design before the device is used in its final application. At Aztalan Engineering, we take medical device machining very seriously, so prototyping is an important part of our process.

What is Medical Device Machining?

Medical machining refers to any and all of the CNC machining processes that are related to the medical industry, such as surgical implants and surgical tools. This type of machining is also used in the production of orthotic devices and other types of medical devices, surgical implants, like rods or pins, as well as surgical tools. Devices can be machined from metal and medical grade plastic to ensure that they do not negatively react to the patient.

CNC Prototyping for Accuracy and Reliable Results

Medical device prototyping is performed prior to CNC machining. This process is performed in order to check the design of the device for proper mechanical function or fitting to the patient. We will also compare the design’s quality and appearance to what the computer screen shows to ensure that the machining process is working correctly. Both metal and plastic prototypes can be made to confirm the accuracy of the design.

This process is imperative for medical devices because its functionality and accuracy can be checked before the device is produced and relied on to help patients, without risking failure of device in the field. Prototyping allows for the design to be modified and enhanced, reaching the highest quality before it is put into production.

High Manufacturing Standards and Custom Options

At Aztalan Engineering, we know that with these types of products, failure is not an option, which is why we offer accurate CNC machining services. We ensure a top quality product that performs to your specifications. We follow a strict operating procedure and production guidelines to ensure that our products are sound and reliable.

Many types of medical devices, such as medical implants, need to be fitted to the patient’s body in order to work comfortably and correctly, which is why we offer custom machining services and medical device prototyping to serve your unique needs.

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