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How Mechanical Engineering Consultancy Services Can Help Your Design Team

How Mechanical Engineering Consultancy Services Can Help Your Design Team 

Mechanical engineering consultancy services can help you tackle challenges from design to production. While we do not design parts from their initial concept, Aztalan’s engineers work directly with design teams to determine the machinability of parts, test cost and material efficiency, verify quality, and support production.

Our expert engineers can identify and solve any structural or functional design concerns early on, accelerating time to market. We will help your team assemble the mechanical layout and production plan that makes the most sense for each individual part and the finished product as a whole.

Here’s how partnering with an engineering team can help you create and fulfill better designs.

Ready to partner with an experienced engineering team? Connect with us here.

Work Directly with Engineers in Reliable Software

Our engineers can work directly with your designers in industry-accepted CAD software like SolidWorks, MCOSMOS, CAD/CAM, and AutoCAD. These 3D CAD programs allow designers to share initial part and equipment designs easily and receive input from engineers, making reviewing, simulating, and changing designs seamless. 

We also use Boothroyd Dewhurst DFMA to help reduce manufacturing and assembly costs and eliminate waste throughout the process. As a component of lean manufacturing principles, DFMA aims to make products and processes as efficient as possible.

Working with mechanical engineers allows your designers to focus on the design itself without ever losing sight of important process factors like manufacturing and assembly. This will help the design process run more smoothly and make the transition from concept to creation frictionless.

Benefit from Quick Prototyping Turnarounds

While working with your designers from the start, our engineers will develop a deep understanding of your product. This allows us to be more efficient with part prototype creation, further maximizing productivity in the design process.

The more experience and knowledge an engineering and manufacturing partner has around your product, the fewer rounds of prototypes and revisions should be needed before a finished product — and finalized manufacturing and assembly plans — are achieved. Therefore, high-quality prototypes made efficiently by skilled technicians will help speed up your time to market. 

Our prototyping services also allow you to receive all cost and production information for each part upfront, so you’ll be able to foresee any logistical issues along the way. This grants both parties time to find a solution earlier in the design process, eliminating inefficiency and wasted resources later.

Testing Ensures Quality

Our testing allows designers to verify the logistical legitimacy and final quality of the design and parts at every step. Material machinability tests, quality control checks, and machinability design reports verify quality and efficiency reliably. 

Material machinability tests determine whether or not a specific material can be cut or shaped easily with a satisfactory finish. This also takes into account the amount of wear on tooling and costs associated with machining large quantities of the material repeatedly.

Quality control is of the utmost importance to your finished parts and equipment. Our engineers do quality checks along each step of the process to ensure the final product fits specifications. We are certified to ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 13485 Quality Standards, empowering us to provide customers with quality they can count on.

Our CMM (coordinate-measuring machine) technology inspects parts for uniformity to ensure precise dimensions that follow the design exactly. Due to the fragility of smaller machined parts, the technology we use is non-contact in order to verify dimensions without damage.

Similar to material machinability testing, our machinability design reports test the ability of parts and finished equipment to be created cost-efficiently at a high quality. This empowers your designers to make sound decisions involving the logistical elements of their designs’ manufacturing plans.

Partner with Aztalan for CNC Milling and Turning

Founded in 1978, Aztalan Engineering is known for providing precise CNC milled and turned parts across industries, with parts used for medical, robotic, and oil and gas applications. We focus on continuous improvement of parts and processes, supported by frequent CMM quality inspection, time analyses, and cost efficiency examination.

As an employee-owned company, our skilled CNC technicians take pride in providing quality parts and services for our customers. Every member of the Aztalan team is deeply committed to superior workmanship, absolute cleanliness, and optimized efficiency. Using state-of-the-art software and equipment, we can create the parts and products our customers need with on-time delivery.

We offer horizontal and vertical CNC milling services using equipment and expertise to maximize positioning accuracy and repeatability, and support consistently close tolerances. We can meet both short- and long-run production needs for any metal or plastic product.

Our 14 CNC lathes allow us to provide turning services for precise metal components. We provide both wider, heavier workpieces and smaller, exact components through CNC vertical and horizontal turning.

Trust Aztalan’s Mechanical Engineering Consultancy Services

Our skilled engineers and technicians specialize in solving design, cost, delivery, quality, and cleanliness problems. We help our customers optimize their processes, simplify supply management, and transition smoothly from in-house manufacturing to outsourcing.

Reach out to one of our experts today to discuss how our mechanical engineering consultancy services can make your processes more efficient and final results better.

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