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CNC Machining: The Solution for Medical Parts

Before WWII, making metal parts was labor-intensive and inexact. After, John T. Parson developed the idea of numerical control (NC) machines, which used punched tape to store data that tape readers would translate into instructions for machines. In 1949, funded by the Air Force, an NC machine was created to aid in the manufacturing of helicopter blades. A few decades later, digital technology paved the way for the computer numerical control (CNC) machines we have today, creating opportunities to advance technologies in industries that benefited from improved precision and better replication.

Today, CNC machined parts are ubiquitous, found across the majority of manufacturing industries. Industries, such as the medical industry, with rigorous standards - tight tolerance, high precision, and exceptional quality – are perfect candidates for CNC machining.

CNC machining is highly versatile in terms of part complexity, materials, and component volume. For medical equipment and product manufacturers, CNC efficiency means that parts can be made quickly with high precision and repeatability and are less expensive than other forms of fabrication.

The value manufacturers experience when medical parts are made using CNC machining include:

  • No fixed tooling – CNC machines do not require expensive tooling, like other fabrication methods, such as plastic injection molding, saving manufacturers money.
  • Machine various materials – with CNC machining, you are not limited to a few metals. Many materials, including plastics and wood, can be machined, giving manufacturers greater flexibility in their designs.
  • Tight tolerances – There is no room for error with medical components, and the small size of many parts requires the tight tolerances that CNC machining provides.
  • Speed – Speed to market is critical in the highly competitive medical industry. CNC machines are automated, minimizing setup time and turning raw material into a finished part faster than manual machining. They can machine large quantities and offer flexible scalability.
  • Increased capability – Design software allows CNC machines to create output of infinite size and shape combinations, many that can’t be replicated with manual machining. This provides manufacturers with the ability to have complex designs CNC machined.

Choose Aztalan for CNC Machining Medical Parts

With 40+ years of experience, we specialize in solving problems that arise during the design and manufacture of precision machined parts. We have worked with small and large medical device manufacturers and thoroughly understand the unique challenges of taking medical device parts from design through production.

Engineering Support

Overengineering is costly. We can often suggest alternative materials or even different machining options that will achieve the same desired results at lower overall production costs through design review. DFM (design for manufacturability) will reduce extensive design changes that slow speed-to-market, and it can reduce scrap, saving you money.

CNC Machining Equipment

We can CNC parts as small as three millimeters and hold 6 microns of tolerance. Our CNC capabilities include turning, swiss turning, and milling. We have 14 CNC lathes that allow us to do both vertical and horizontal turning. Our swiss turning capabilities will enable us to turn small, complex, precision parts with fast cycle times and greater flexibility. Our horizontal and vertical CNC milling centers were built for large parts and heavy metal removal, providing precision and consistently close tolerances.


Medical equipment and products require strict quality standards. As an ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 13485 certified company, we combine process control, trained personnel, and a comprehensive Quality Management System to ensure your product meets your specifications every time. We outfitted our fully equipped Quality Lab with top-of-the-line metrology equipment, including 4 CMMs (coordinate-measuring machines), which allows us to give you consistent precision readings every time. Our CMM metrology services uncover flaws in location and accuracy on difficult-to-reach part dimensions. We use non-contact CMM technology for small, fragile parts to get accurate readings (repeatable within 0.3 microns) for tight tolerance parts.

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Do you have a challenging part you need help manufacturing? Are you starting a new project requiring tight tolerances? Are you ready to have your quality standards met while your product is consistently delivered on time? Contact us, and let’s get started.

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